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Carlos asked in SportsHorse Racing · 2 months ago

How does a horse trainer gets banned for naming a horse "grape soda" in new york ?

A horse trainer named eric guillot named his horse grape soda and its considered a racist term by there eyes .

As a black male what happened to free expression 

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  • 2 months ago
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    While looking into this matter further, especially before answering, I found that Eric Guillot sole purpose for using this particular name was NOT at all innocent in nature. It was actually intentional. Definitely a wrong move! 

    To elaborate further: 

    Eric Guillot reportedly chose the name "Grape Soda" because of a feud with a black TV announcer for TVG network, Ken Rudulph. Eric Guillot, a trainer of 30 years, tweeted on New Year’s Day a picture of the horse with the message: “This colt will run next week and has unique name in honour of a TVG analyst.” At the end of the tweet was a black fist emoji.The Jockey Club, who look after the registry of horses in the US, ordered the name be changed and banned him for running a horse with a ‘racist’ name.

    However, in my opinion something like this should have never gotten this far in the first place. Then again, I believe some in the racing industry may not have known that particular name was a racist slur. The problem is Eric Guillot did, and apparently used it as such, which makes this and his behavior unacceptable! I feel The Jockey Club should also bare in responsibility as it's their job to stop this in its tracks so to speak. A lesson learned for all involved!

  • 2 months ago

    Unfortunately we live in times where PC prevails.   I found it ott (mainly because I've never heard this being 'racist' lol).   I suppose the Jockey Club (or whoever objected to this) has to protect itself in case somebody complains.

  • 2 months ago

    The Jockey Club is responsible for approving the names of all thoroughbreds, and they approved the name.  They specifically state that they do not allow racist names.

    Taking away a person's whole livelihood for naming a horse after a soda is absolutely ridiculous.  Would orange soda have been okay?  Did he have a clue it could conceivably be considered racist?  That it would result in such draconian punishment?  Of course not.

    This is an abominable overreach.  If it is widely perceived to be racist, then a suspension and/or fine perhaps.  If not...  wtf?

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    I think that the people at the NYRA have gone too far. I for one have never, ever, EVER heard the term "grape soda" used as a racial slur. And how unfortunate it is that Eric Guillot has been banned because of it. It's not likely he named the horse himself, anyway. The horse's OWNERS and or breeder are typically the ones who do the naming, not the trainer, so why did they ban the trainer when it's likely that he wasn't even responsible for the name in the first place???

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