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How hard is nursing school and clinicals?

I am now in my second semester of nursing school (I am a junior) but I am going to start clinicals and I am so nervous. I was supposed to start clinicals last semester. However, due to COVID they were switched to remote. Does anyone have any tips or advice they can give me? What should I expect? And is nursing school really as hard as everyone says it is? I really want to put my mind at ease so I can focus on the important stuff when the semester starts (2 weeks from now). Thank you! 

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    It's supposed to be hard. To quote "A League of Their Own", it's the hard that makes it good. If it was each, everyone would do it. You will have people's lives in your hands, and no, you don't just follow the doctor's orders. In fact, in hospitals, nurses often have more power than the doctor, because they work for and represent the hospital. I know a labor and delivery nurse who has stories about doctor ordering caesarian sections and the head nurse overruling them because of the additional risk from a c-section to the mother and baby. The nurse had to know how to evaluate the situation and the risks of all options.

    But here is something else to consider- that same nurse is now on a temporary nursing contract in another city where she will make as much in 13 weeks as she normally makes all year. Then she'll take some time off. Nurses are in huge demand, and having a nursing degree opens up all kinds of opportunities for you.

    Here's what I know about clinicals- you're given information on a patient, including all the medications they are on. Be prepared to look those up and be knowledgeable about the side effects and interactions. Nurses especially have to know when a prescribed medicine will interact with something the patient is already on. You'll be supervised in the clinical- no one is going to allow you to do anything that might hurt a patient. 

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    It is hard. It is VERY hard. You are going to have actual people in your care, and you will need to make sure that everything you have learned to this point is put into place, along with all the added covid measures and precautions that will be in place on top of everything else. Just make sure that you pay attention to every single thing you are shown and have studied. I would love to tell you that it is going to be easy, and you don't need to worry, but that would be a lie. Like I said, you will be dealing with humans that are in need, and that is no easy job at the best of times.

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