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Question Of The Day: Number 62 "Is it possible for a human to tap into god power"?


I think I might be close to a break through! :O

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    Ha! Perfect timing. ;) I enquired this same thing from the Lord two days ago.

    Later, I was going through my desk, I stopped to play with two magnets, mystified again by the way they repelled each other by some unseen force... then totally forgot about it.

    The next day I was praising God, and closed my eyes to pray. As I was about to put my hands together I was astonished to find I could “feel” power coming from my hands very similar to the magnets. Moving my hands slowly about two inches apart from each other I felt definite resistance... 

    I don’t need to know the metaphysics of this... but when I praise and thank my Father, the power gets more evident. I am like a lightning rod receiving power that can be transferred into others.

    When the sick woman touched Jesus’ robe she was instantly heeled - and he knew it because he felt power go out from his body.

    My prayer was answered swiftly. Can’t wait to find someone with faith to use it on...

    Praise and worship loads you up with it and it can be passed to others: Faith is what draws the power out.

  • 2 months ago

    i dont see why not

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Since no gods exist seems unlikely.

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