How often there's error/mistake with terms and conditions on restrain/protective orders?

You may ask what errors on restraining order, I would say could be simple as mistyped by court clerks, or victim fill out form incorrectly, or judge didn't realize that terms and conditions are illegal.

Example: it was typed 10000 yards by mistake when supposed to be 100 yards which is a problem because suspect live 5,000 yards away from victim.

Or Example 2: like putting on victim's work address was really a suspect's home address by mistake.

Example 3: suspect may had medical condition requiring kidney cleaning up two time a week and yet this place is 50 yards away from victim's house. Which meaning suspect will died if skip treatments.

Often when police noticed mistakes, they tell victims they won't honor it until it get fix/change/correct it first.

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  • 2 months ago
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    As you were told in your last version of this BS, what you claim DOES NOT HAPPEN, and Example 3 IS NOT POSSIBLE.

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