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How much money would I need to bring UK for 1 week?

When we're allowed to safely travel from USA to UK, looking to visit my girlfriend but I don't know how much I'd need, ideally flights, transport, food, spending money, hotels etc? I have no idea so I need some help thank you.

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  • MS
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    1 month ago

    No one can tell you.

    Flight money depends on where you're traveling to and from, and when.  

    Hotel money depends on where you're staying and when.  There are cheap hotels and expensive hotels.  Prices are also higher if you travel at peak times.

    Transportation money depends on what form of transportation you need to use, and how much you need to travel on it. 

    Food money depends on what you eat.

    Spending money depends on what you do and what you buy.  

    You should be able to go to a travel site to price out hotels and airfare.  You can use a travel guide website to figure out what you're going to do, where you're going to go, what places you might like to eat, etc.  That can help you budget the rest of your trip.

  • drip
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    2 months ago

    Then do some research on your own. You can easily look up flights and hotel costs. And one would think your girlfriend, who lives there, can help you with meal and transport costs. 

  • 2 months ago

    Depends where in the UK you're staying, and where in the US you're flying from.

    You can do your own research... look on sites like SkyScanner to get an idea of flight costs, for example. 

  • 2 months ago

    Well, we can't guess what you'd need for flights either, seeing that we don't know where the flights come from or go to or when you'd be flying. USA to UK is not helpful. Flights from New York will be a lot cheaper than flights from Los Angeles or El Paso.

    We also don't know what kind of hotels might be available where you want to stay in the UK. Or what you might want to use spending money for. Or where you would go within the UK that you would need transport for. Or what kind of meals you'd want to buy. As in the USA and every other place, the prices of things can vary considerably. You can spend $10 on lunch, or $100. You can find hotels for $50 a night, and $500.

    In my opinion, someone who can't figure out how to use the internet to find out some of these things is better off not going anywhere because they are going to have more trouble figuring things out in real life. You've got weeks or maybe months to learn, so why don't you do that?

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  • 2 months ago

    WHEN travel resumes you are expected to have a REASONABLE amount of money for your REASONABLE plan for your time in country..

    Think for a moment if this went the other way. How much would you spend for a week with your friend in USA? Shall we all guess if you are cheap and will eat just home cooked meals or will you see the sites nearby, a gourmet meal or two. A simple Hotel room or one with all the extras.

    For budgeting purposes $200 per day. Of course you could spend less or a lot more. There is no specified amount you must have. You have many months to look up prices for some activities you might do. train fares, etc. Add it up and do what you do with the money you have. You are not required to spend it all.

    Air fare really depends on when you go. Midweek flights are usually cheaper than the weekends. DO NOT expect bargains and discounts.

    Do not expect the same Airfare from Boston or Boise. London is not the only city with flights to the USA. Air fare round trip $500-$1000 for budget purposes.

    Good Luck in your planing. At least six months probably more before semi normal travel returns.

    READ THE FINE PRINT for changes,cancellations and refunds BEFORE you pay.

    For Hotel rooms suggest you just book ahead for day of arrival and day of departure(near Airport). Your friend can help out with the days in between.

  • 2 months ago

    Sure i'll pretend to be a parent.

    Where are you staying.

    Research the price of food, price of hotels.   Its not rocket science.

    Any airport tax not included in the airfare?

    Okay we covered a roof over your head and you won't starve.  You figure out your entertainment.  

    A pound is about 1,35 US dollars

  • 2 months ago

    Flights would be already paid, so they don't enter into the calculation.

    A very vague calculation would be to work out what you would spend if the meeting were to be in New York USA and then double it to get UK spending. A lot would depend on which city you would be paying hotel bills in. London is radically more expensive than most other U.K. cities for that.

    In any case, why take actual money. Use ATM's. Card goes in, country's money comes out. Check with and advise your bank first regarding using your card overseas first though.

  • 2 months ago

    You don't need to bring any for flight because you'd pay for that before.

    Other than that, the question is impossible to answer because we have no idea what you want to do and what the situation is with your girlfriend. Does she live there? Are you going to stay with her? Does she have a vehicle? Do you plan just to hang out with her and not do much or are you trying to see and do a lot of things? Will you be cooking or eating out? do you want to eat out at nice places or just want to eat as cheaply as possible?

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