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Girls: when did you notice an increase in weight gain?

I graduated high school in 2016  so I’m 22 and I’m now noticing that out of nowhere, girls who I used to know in highschool are suddenly gaining tons of weight OUT OF NOWHERE. 

I know it’s all part of nature since your metabolism lowers with age ..

- but when did u start noticing an increase in weight? Either with you, or with peers

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    I kept my high school weight of 117 lbs until menopause. I weighed 111 lbs when I got pregnant and only gained 16 lbs resulting in a premature baby. I used to count calories and eat minimally except on dinner dates. Then I'd eat like no tomorrow. Currently I weigh 130 lbs. It's not that serious, and due to baking during these perilous times. My metabolism hasn't lowered, just activity. I can lose with effort. It just takes that and a solid plan.

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    I personally haven't. I'm 29 years old and still wear a size 4, which is the same size I wore in high school.

    22 is still very young. You cannot use "getting older" as an excuse for your weight gain.

    Metabolism doesn't start slowing down until your 30s, and even then the rate at which is decreases is so minimal that it wouldn't cause you to gain any significant weight unless you're being gluttonous on a daily basis and overeating.

    Change your diet and your lifestyle if you want to lose weight.

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