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Why won't Trump declare himself an Emperor just like Julius Caesar did?

Rome also used to be democracy  before Caesar at the beggining, then it became an Empire. Being an Empire is much cooler than being a boring democracy 


Caesar Augustus* not Julius. sorry for mistake

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    It will be better hahaha

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    seems you know little about history dont you , with a name like javid we can see why ..

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    Well your biden team is more like China who deletes there president to over throw only weak country's do that 

  • He already has, in his own mind. LOL

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    Well, in the end times it is written that the anti-Christ will stand in the temple of God and declare himself to be God.   I can totally see Trump doing something like that.   I have never seen anyone else I could have imagined doing that.   Interesting.  Many would believe it.

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    Well he did talk about going for 3 terms, did try to steal an election, tried to stack the courts in his favor by posting what he thought were loyalists, replaced pentagon officials with loyalists so yes he practically has declared himself as such. But since everyone is abandoning him it looks like he will remain nothing more than a lame duck president. 

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    If you feel like that, then you should move to North Korea. There you don't have to worry about thinking for yourself. Kim just tells everybody what to think.

    No way for me. I don't want censorship and propaganda. They would go with living under dictator rule

    Source(s): Julius Caesar never became emperor, despite his trying hard. His nephew Augustus had that title given him by th he Senate, after the 3 civil wars.
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    Because in this respect he was more like Brutus: he had no desire to be Emperor.   Caesar himself was never Emperor, though the mob had offered him that title.   

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    Julius Caesar didn't declare himself an emperor.  Like many dictators after him, he used the cloak of legitimacy.  He declared himself Dictator, which was an official, though little used, position in the Roman Republic.  It would only be years after his death when his nephew and adopted son Octavian won control of Rome that it would become an empire.

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    Julius Caesar never held the title Imperator (Emperor), that title was taken by Caesar Augustus, his grandnephew (and rumored illegitimate son).  Your history is as defective as your warped politics.

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    We’re not a democracy. We’re a republic. If we are a democracy, trump would never have been president. In a democracy, the majority has the say. 

    To be an emperor, you need power or strong support. Trump has neither. 

    Where's Brutus when you need him?  That’s funny and clever. Maybe it should be changed to, Et up, Pence. 

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