What do you say to your girlfriend when she's crying ?

My girlfriend is worried about this virus especially since her sister has a compromise immune system and asthma and heart condition. She's saw on Facebook where a man who had special needs and health problems like her sister went to work and caught the virus and died from it. She's sick of hearing things like this about people who are like her sister who are healthy sort of then they go out to work when they're not supposed to and die from the virus it makes her upset and worried for her she said this was the saddest thing she ever read makes her worry about her even more also herself. We haven't been anywhere this summer just to the store unless if we have to and her grandma's house her grandma doesn't go anywhere so they have nothing to worry about there her grandma is the only other person she's really seen all summer besides her sisters boyfriend who comes over every other week. Other than that we haven't been anywhere or seen anyone this year hardly. She just cant get over reading about this young man who passed from the virus she's sick of hearing about people like that. When this all started she had really bad nightmares worrying about her and her sister since reading this she'll probably have them again. How can I help her feel better ?

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  • 2 months ago
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    One.... most people are surviving the virus.

    Two.... accepting the process of death is part of a healthy life

    Three...  fears are not real. Reality is her sister has, as far as we know, not caught the virus and is not dying. She should deal with life as it is. Maybe then she might appreciate it.

    There are so many things that could help her overcome her fears but all of them depend on her ability to embrace and work them out. 

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    2 months ago

    Why don’t you have your imaginary band write a song about it, Sherlock?

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