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How can I get my girlfriend to help get rid of things?

We're losing our house. We really don't have anywhere to keep our things and we've gotta get rid of everything we don't NEED. It's hard, honestly it really is, but I can't get her to help. As I'm trying to sort things out to keep/sell/donate/trash, she keeps getting upset and saying "you're gonna regret getting rid of that! We have to keep that!" Obviously! I don't want to get rid of all my personal belongings but we don't have a choice, and I can't do it by myself. When we get another place, we're going to have to re-buy all this stuff but quite simply, there's nowhere to keep it. How do I get her to help?


We are still at a standstill. I have until the last day of the month to get everything out and we still have no plans for it. At this point, she's too stressed to even pack. She doesn't want to be homeless. I don't blame her one bit, this situation sucks. Just trying to make the best of it. Thank you to all answerers.

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    The fact you say these are things that you'll have to re-buy later tells me maybe she is closer to the correct than you think.  Discuss with her what her plan will be for the items you want to get rid of during your transition.  

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    Listen to your girl friend, i regret all the things that i don't have no more

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