Can anyone help me find out ho I can learn about more Nursing programs in my area?

I live in Bucks county PA right outside Philadelphia. I'm looking for nursing programs for a working adult (night and weekend courses). I already have 57 credits worth of pre-requisites completed, now I just need actual nursing courses. Ultimatley I want my BSN. But I wouldnt be opposed to gettein my RN then taking off work for an acelerated RN to BSN program, especially if its faster in the long run. I just want to see what my options are, and so far my advisors aren't able to help to much, mainly because they are getting the same info from the internet that I am. All the schools in my area basically say (on their website) "Yes we have nursing programs!" and that's about it. And talking to a representitive of the school who actually listens and understands what my situation is and what I'm looking  for so far has not happened (they just e-mail brochures about programs for 19 year olds without jobs and families). Needless to say this has been very difficult to explore my options, which I thought after 57 credits of school and a 3.8 GPA would be the easy part. Any help would be greatly appreciated. You could litereally change the couse of my life for the next few years and who knows beyond that.

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  • 2 months ago

    An RN is the license that you get.  Not the type of education.

    You can get the necessary education from an ADN or an BSN

    An RN to BSN program means that the person got an ADN passed the NCLEX to get their RN license and then began a BSN program.

    My guess is that since you don't understand the process, either they don't understand your question or you don't understand their answers.

    Via a 3 second google search - Roxborough Memorial Hospital provides a 22 month night program for an ADN.

    - be mindful that this might not be reputable for most bridge programs for a BSN and you could end up some place like National University or UOP.

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