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How many different jobs does one have to have before making a good determination on what to pursue?

That is, is it logical have a certain number of different jobs in order to find out what one wants and is so what is that minimum number?

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  • not
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    2 months ago
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    You could spend a lifetime bouncing between jobs, people do that. An aptitude test would be the starting point. Where would fit well due to your behaviour and natural skills. 

    Reveiw your wants after narrowing it down where you would do well. I could want to be a movie star but nobody would watch the movie.

  • Damien
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    2 months ago

    well to pursue something, u need education in it t be able to puruse it and get a job in that field, u aren't gonna get a couple of try at nursing to figure out if u want to be a nurse, u would need to get the degree first.

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