should i buy this computer monitor from amazon?

i'm only on a fixed budget, on benefits, but the thing is recently, yesterday , an error/fault developed with my present computer monitor....i have a windows 7 desktop computer which is my main computer and is important to im wondering whether i should buy this computer monitor from amazon for £98.......but i only have 189 pounds to live on until not this monday, but the monday if i buy this monitor, i will be left with 91 pounds to live on until a week monday.

the computer monitor which developed the fault is a 22 inch monitor, luckily i had a spare monitor to use, but its only an old 19 inch monitor and not i'm using that with my computer for the time being.

so should i go ahead and buy this new computer monitor from amazon, which will cost me 98 pounds?

if i buy it, it will leave me 91 pounds to live on for a week until i next get paid.

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  • 2 months ago
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    If you can, use your TV as a monitor, by either using an HDMI cable (if the PC has HDMI) or maybe the TV has a video input that matches your video cable.  It may be possible to get a converter to change the cable to suit the TV.  That will be a lot cheaper than purchasing a new monitor at the moment and let you get by on what you have :)

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