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Nitro 7 Gaming Graphics card on its way out??

I recently got a Nitro 7 from someone who was selling it used. I think it is only about a year maybe a year and a half old. Everything was working fine when I got it, I upgraded flash harddrive memory, and it continued to work just fine. Then more recently I went and upgraded the ram with what I thought were the same brand as stock. About a week or two later this started happening, at first only on web pages, but more recently it is appearing in some game menus as well. By the way, I do have the computer hooked up to a monitor, and I am pretty sure its not the monitors fault since it seems to be computing related (the way it only shows up only inside an open window while leaving the rest of the screen fine).

I have a feeling many of you have seen this before, and will know what it is right away. I am hoping its not something super bad since I just bought this thing.

What's the verdict.. how much time do I got doc??

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