What do you think about reincarnation ?


Robert, reincarnation does have more layers than only to come back in another form. There are a lot of things to accomplish to lead to a future we see as comfortable.

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  • 1 month ago

    If a person becomes another person after he dies, and he does not retain any memories of his previous life, then in what sense is it the same person? 

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    @. Nine Lives: I already gave you my answer in my profile, if you love to make things up, I'm not here to approve your fantasies, Yahoo Answers gives me a chance to answer, for my free opinion! OK! (@.---> Jude : there's mail for you!)


    @.---> Judas of Satan...O0ps..., Jude: who are you? The cousin of @. Nine?

    Hmmm..., that question that was asked, it's not enabled in the paranormal section, it's a Religion question, get it right in that head, Atheist?

    Your supposed human science, does not know a sledgehammer, about the paranormal, this faculty is reserved exclusively for those people who have had their own experiences with these spiritual entities.

    So, take your Atheist stupidity, pack it up, and go catch the Train, since you are a Dwarf by nature, have your Carer accompany you.

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    Behold, I am with the mask and I am visible, you, you are only a breath of air, you will be in hell with your spirit.

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  • 2 months ago

    De-Angelis, why do you think he is asking this in the paranormal section? Because reincarnation is not understood by science and is therefore paranormal "as I have already told you" Who are you to tell us anything? You are just a stupid young kid who thinks he is invisible when wearing a mask. As I keep repeating, put masks on all of the seven dwarfs and you can still spot Dopey.

  • 2 months ago

    it depends on what or who you think you really are

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  • Tom
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    2 months ago

    Reincarnation is coming back as another HUMAN.  In Another form is called TRANSMIGRATION. (The opinion of those who do not know the difference is worthless)    Of all theories of Human Survival of consciousness after death what little "evidence" there is, appears to suggest REINCARNATION.  This includes small children claiming to have been adults who have been reborn, and whose information checks out and is verified.   ALL cultures, even Christian, and Jewish suggest that Reincarnation happens at least SOMETIMES ----AS in a prophet being reborn as John the Baptist, etc.  And the esoteric teachings of other non-reincarnation based religions, such as the American Indians. will admit to some reincarnation.   Holographic Universe Theory (HUT) Physics includes "Consciousness" being a part of the universe at the quantum level---responsible for the observer effect.   Since these "Consciousnesses" would be both immortal and might Inhabit Human bodies, reincarnation would be an obvious recourse when the current body dies.--------Not enough evidence for you?, well, I said there was LITTLE evidence for any life after death---Only what evidence there is, would point to reincarnation if there was Life after death.

  • But why are you asking these questions in the Paranormal section?

    Here we discuss the phenomena of spirits, strange things, or alleged Aliens, Mutant beings of Demons!

    As I have already told you in the section of Reglione & Spitituality, the reincarnation of the human body there will be immediately after the end of the world, for the nuclear wars that will come in due time.

    Resurrection is, being recreated by God, because the person who has been dead for so many years, his body has become dust, therefore, God, will do the total resurrection of the body and, will unite the soul that was separated inside the new body. The person will be identical with the same likeness as when he was on earth, then God will make his judgment.

  • 2 months ago

    I think it's a terrible idea.  And I think I'm right.  Several religions believe in it, and I'm convinced they failed to look at the big picture.  One religion thinks people who are really good get to come back as a cow after they die, which indicates really low expectations if you ask me.

    Reincarnation is actually scarier than Dante's hell.  People want to come back as royalty, or someone famous or whatever, but it doesn't matter.  If you're reincarnated, you get to come back... here.  Same planet every time, and many parts of this planet really are hell.  What if you come back as a mosquito?  What if you come back as a peasant in North Korea?  What if you come back as one of Kim Kardashian's kids? 

    Those religions never thought of that.

  • Reincarnation is not an idea that there is any good evidence for or that makes any sense. Memories and personality need a living brain to exist so once we die all that is destroyed. 

    If reincarnation was as real as people claim kids would be popping up magically being able to speak ancient languages and knowing how to gild picture frames, the few that claim to be able to remember the past can be explained by more mundane means. .

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