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Puppies & Rabbits “ Love “ Hot Cheetos?

Yeah, the first time my rabbit ate hot cheetos I FREAKED out and immediatly ran her to the vet. The vet said it would pass.... she’s old and healthy and her favorite treat is a mostly licked off hot cheeto. ( She prefers the whole thing but I’d never give her the whole thing with all the flaming hot powder ) She even knows the bag! I’ve been casually eating them before and she’ll go CRAZY in her cage or while out. My puppies love them too. Does anyone elses pets LOVE hot chips or hot things? Or just whats some odd things your pets like? DISCLAIMER: No, I do NOT just always give my pets hot chips. But, I do share every now and then. Also, just because my bunny had no problems passing and/or health concerns due to eating hot cheetos PLEASE do not give them to your pets. 

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    while it probably won't hurt your rabbit to let them have a little lick off your fingers but I would do so extremely cautiously. Rabbits have really sensitive digestive systems and just because it hasn't harmed them so far doesn't mean it won't. That being said I have had a similar experience with both popcorn and reeses cups. My rabbit found a reeses wrapper one time, he hasn't got ahold of one again but he can now sniff chocolate out like a bloodhound 

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