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When will NHL, MLB, NFL, NBA have fans allowed to attend again?

JUST CURIOUS. Taking COVID seriously. Attending a sports game again will be fun if it's safe, but I'm not gonna rush out and go first chance I get. Just curious to hear others' ideas.  

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    NFL is leaving it up to local jurisdictions so far, so some stadia are empty while others have a partial capacity.  The NHL is doing similar (however here in Canada arenas will be empty for now; my home province just permitted games with no fans).  You have to get a significant majority of the population vaccinated and you have to see infection rates plummet (if you want an example, look at Australia and New Zealand who have been aggressive in terms of taking measures).  I don't think anyone can give you a specific timeframe because in too many places people don't want to take appropriate measures (I share your idea of taking it seriously).

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