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Language school japan?

Hello! I’m currently in the process for applying for a student visa for Japan but have read and read so many mixed reviews and wanted to ask my own. I plan on attending a one year learning intuition. But have read although there is no requirement on the immigration website many websites and users say to bring 10-40kUSD. I currently only have 16 thousand and will be paying my language school soon. I also make around 3-4K a month and have no other financial responsibilities. Does anyone think I will be ultimately denied? By the time I leave for Japan I should have accumulated 24k in my savings but before that the due date I will only have 16 thousand. Has anyone been admitted with less than 20 thousand USD? I also know it’s up to my school and I’m waiting to hear back from them! Thanks in advance 

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    After paying all your school tuition & expenses, cost of living in Japan is extremely high. I can see where USD40,000 might not be enough to cover your living costs for a year. Where is this school - Toyko or elsewhere? What accommodations are available for students - dorms, or do you have to find an apartment? Do you want to travel around Japan a bit, e.g. weekend trips to Kyoto, etc? What about food/meal service in dorm? is a good source of cost of living data.

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    i would just do it if you wanted to

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