What are some examples of when science has ruled out god as the explanation to some phenomenon?

I don’t mean completely rule out god. Just for specific phenomenon. Other than evolution and the Big Bang.

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  • Science can deal only with the natural, so it is not a question of science ruling out god (which god, by the way, since people have made up thousands of gods?). The idea of some god causing such and such was used thousands of years ago when people lacked the knowledge to determine what naturally caused such and such.

    Over the centuries, as human scientific knowledge accumulated, the aspects of nature that were previously attributed to some god became fewer and fewer as their natural causes became more and more understood.

    But there have always been holdouts on the god side who refused to accept the findings of science until the evidence otherwise came too great. The geocentric view of the cosmos with its non-moving earth because of certain passages in the Bible is a case in point (and it was the Protestant theologians as well as Catholic who ascribed to geocentrism).

    Even today, there are those who refuse to accept certain findings of science because those findings are in conflict with their god view. That includes geocentrism, which still has some holdouts. See here for an example.


    And, of course, the promoters of creationism refuse to acknowledge the massive amount of evidence for evolution and for the ancient age of the universe and the earth because those findings of science are in conflict with biblical myth.

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    Why does ice float? Once it could only be ascribed to the work of a benevolent creator, but now we know it is because the attraction between positively charged hydrogen atoms and negatively charged oxygen atoms results in a crsytal structure that is less dense than liquid water.

    However that is only the proximate and not the ultimate cause, since the laws of nature were themselves the work of God.

    The Conflict hypothesis between science and religion was a fabrication of Enlightenment philosophers whereas in fact Christians have always been at the forefront of scientific advancement. Of course there are still a few on both sides who put this into practice, either rejecting science because of a perceived conflict with the Bible or, on the other side, claiming that EVERY SINGLE SCIENTIFIC ADVANCE is claiming ground away from God.

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    In his book "Finding Darwin's God," Kenneth Miller, who is a highly respected evolutionary biologist and a devout Catholic, talks a lot about this subject. As an example, he tells of a time he sat in a sermon as an altar boy. The visiting priest held up a flower and spoke for an hour about how, despite all of its accomplishments, science has never been able to explain the simple fact of how a blossom comes to exist.

    He then fast-forwards a few decades to a scientific conference he was attending. He was in the back of a lecture hall working on some notes and not paying attention to the speaker when it finally sunk in what he was listening to. The lecturer was explaining in great technical detail exactly how a flower blossoms on a molecular and cellular level.

    Miller's point is that if you choose to see science and religion as fundamentally different, so that any given fact can be explained by science OR by God exclusively, then EVERY SINGLE SCIENTIFIC ADVANCE is claiming ground away from God. Science has been on a nonstop march through God's territory, with every paper, every observation, every experiment taking another chunk of existence away from God's camp and putting it into the realm of science.

    Miller goes on to propose a different way of looking at things, but you can read and think about that yourself if you want.

    Meanwhile, it should go without saying that Fireball is just another brainless fundamentalist incapable of thinking beyond whatever knee-jerk rant lingers just below the surface of conscious thought.

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