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Why does foster care agency want me to pay for drug test?

I'm interested in fostering and adopting, but this nonprofit agency told me I'm going to be responsible for paying for my own fingerprints and drug test. Plus physical and blood work they need.

The state Dfcs doesn't require you pay for all this yourself, so why would nonprofit agency make you?

Just curious!!!

Anyways I decided I was no longer interested in the agency


I'm not dumb or stupid! I'm not paying to have it done myself

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  • Kelly
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    1 month ago

    Each agency is different, you can choose a different one.

    I've been a foster parent for many years and sometimes you get what you pay for in terms of an agency, some are better than others..  just because they want you to pay for things doesn't mean they aren't a good agency.   

    They don't have unlimited funds and they may be asking you to pay for them so they can allocate funds elsewhere into other services for the kids they represent.  A lot of agencies get donations and right now with so many not working due to covid they may be down on funding.

    This may also be part of their screening process to see if you're financially prepared to provide for the kids they would place in your care.  

    If you can't/won't pay for fingerprints which isn't that costly, what will you pay for when the kids need something?  You'll also have to pay for a CPR class (CPR certification is required in foster care). My husband had to take the CPR class for some reason and he is a Cardiologist.  Apparently his medical license wasn't enough for the state of Michigan.  He could have taught the class.

    If you have to put the kids in daycare because you work, getting that paid by the state can take a while and you're expected to pay it until they do (you'll be reimbursed at some point).  A lot of daycares will work with you but I don't work for free so I don't expect them to and I pay it until the state ponies up.  

    It's really common to get kids with only the clothes they are wearing when they are removed from their home...  you have to go buy them clothes..  at your expense and the state gives you a clothing allowance and reimburses you at some point..  it takes time.

    My agency is a non profit one..  the state gives each child a Christmas stipend for Christmas for the kids..  however the agency keeps it, I don't see it.  They keep it and use the money to have a Christmas party for all the kids they represent and all the kids receive a gift.  Christmas for my foster kids is always 100% on me, so are their birthday parties and other events for them.  The foster stipend barely covers their living expenses.  They want to join scouts, band, sports, etc... that's on me.  My fosters do the same things my own kids do.

    If you're interested in fostering you need to talk to experienced foster parents.  If you have facebook look for a foster care group in your area.

  • Kerri
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    1 month ago

    Asking interested parties to pay for these themselves and then only following up with the ones who can financially pay for self testing and seeing who does so eagerly helps them weed out the ones who really want to work towards fostering and those that may not be wholeheartedly in it for the long run. If you cannot afford the cost of these tests or costs associated with the process of vetting potential foster parents, then it’s probably not for you since parenting isn’t cheap and requires near constantly paying for one thing or another for years to adulthood.

  • 2 months ago

    They likely get many people inquiring about being foster parents, and as a private agency do not have the funds to pay for everyone's testing and background checks when a large percentage do not follow through afterwards.

  • 2 months ago

    Are you slow? They want to know if you're suitable and they're not going to fit the bill to find out.

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  • helene
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    2 months ago

    The state dfcs is funded by taxpayers, the nonprofit is not.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    If they are non-profit they probably don't have the funds to pay for these things.  

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