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Am i the only one who actually finds female soccer more enjoyable to watch?

Somehow, it tends to feel more fluid and dynamic and not as constricted as men's soccer. That probably explains why more goals tend to be scored in female soccer.

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    I've heard others make the same comment and I think it's mostly "purists" that enjoy the overall mechanics of a game.

    Save for a few outliers that come along every generation or so (Serena Williams in Tennis, for example), women's sport in general is rarely dominated by sheer athleticism and physicality.  Because of this, greater focus on fundamentals, strategy and team play is stressed.

    I know basketball purists, for example, that enjoy watching women's college basketball for the same reason:  the game tends to be slower and more calculating, with teammates working together to exploit openings instead of handing the ball to their big star and waiting for something amazing to happen.

    I'm guessing you may be a former coach or player, or someone that was taught the fundamentals of the game at an early age.  In my experience, these are the ones most-often drawn to women's team sports, where the fundamentals and actual "team" concept still actually mean something.

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    It’s just like watching low level football. I think a good boys under 15 side would give a WSL side a good game. Can’t agree with Adam, it’s nowhere near conference level.

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    I would take the skill, speed, and intensity level of the men any day over the women.  I think part of the reason it there are more goals and it looks more 'fluid' is because of these differences.  

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    The quality is worse. At its best level the quality is the same as level 5 maybe 6 of the English pyramid (conference level). However when you attend women's games it's a more enjoyable experience especially if you go with a family. They do far more to get kids involved and have realised if you get kids interested early, you keep them interested.

    I prefer watching the men's game for the quality, though I prefer attending women's games with the lil one

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    It's much lower skilled and physically inferior, if you compare the top level in both. 

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