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How to discipline my 21 month old?

My son doesn't listen to no. In fact when I say "no" to him he laughs because he thinks it's funny. I try telling him "no" in a serious voice but that doesn't work. How can I discipline him so he starts listening to me better and stops being disobedient?

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    Typical toddler have to pick your battles.  Children will listen to their father's voice more seriously than they do their mother's voice.  What you need to do is make sure when he misbehaves..........he receives a discipline for his actions.  Once you do this - he will listen more because he knows he's not going to be able to 'get away with it' anymore.  I raised three children and went through this also....more so with the first than with the next two.  The first tried but I never allowed him to 'get away with things' and he stopped misbehaving.  When the next two came along....he would tell them "don't do that because mommy doesn't like it and you will get into trouble"..........and it worked.

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    a couple whacks on the butt with a ping pong paddle or similar will work wonders (no, that's not child abuse) 

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    A small kid, starting to investigate the world actually, won't react to language orders. You need to get up from your seat, move him from your "no" action to an adequate action. You need to do this again and again. Reacting to language will come LATER. I have heard individuals from different societies state American guardians are "apathetic" in light of the fact that they need to sit serenely in seat, before TV or chatting with companion, and verbally deal with a baby. You need to stand up and be more dynamic with small kids.

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    ok, listen here, LADY, if youre gunna be bosting fricking yahoo questions, youd best sort out your bloody kids age firs! !!! some of us struggle with dates, hours, times and months, and having to figure out what 21 months in baby years is giving me second, first and 21st hand anxiety. ****! but, on to your question. whenever my little jibdo (pic below, or above maybe) actus uip, such as when he points his toy/real gun at us and demands us to give him hot chips and back rubs (see pic below, we set up a hunting camera to catch him in the act), boy let me tell you, he regrets that fast!

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    A young child,  beginning to explore the world physically,  is not going to respond to language commands.  You need to get up from your chair,  move him from your "no" activity to an acceptable activity.   You need to do this over and over.  Responding to language will come LATER.  I have heard people from other cultures say American parents are "lazy"  because they want to sit comfortably in chair,  in front of TV or talking with friend,  and verbally manage a toddler.  You need to get on your feet and be more active with young children.

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    hahaaha, that is funny!

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    Suggestion, say 'no' firmly then turn your back and stay silent for a while maybe the child will realize they are not getting any attention. By you looking at your child there is still that connection happening and the Little One is not getting the correct meaning you want to give them.  Not sure it will help but worth a try.  All the best Harvey.

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    Instead of saying, "No"... which is hard to understand if someone is just shouting no at you all the time, give him specifics about what he CAN do and realize that developmentally, he's very young with very little impulse control or information about the world. Don't expect him to be able to ignore that fancy remote with lots of interesting buttons... put it where he cannot reach it and/or give him a remote of his own. Don't want him getting into cupboards/drawers, use latches. Don't want him playing in the cat's food and water? Put them up, the cat will probably thank you. Running away from you at the store? Put him in the cart or use a carrier. Give him information, "The cat is for petting gently" "Shoes are for wearing on your feet" "Hands are for giving high fives" "Teeth are for biting food"

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    She is probably too young to fully understand the situation right now ...... but when it becomes a 7 to 9 years old toddler it  will be. 

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    maybe you can reward him for doing what you want

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