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Hello all.

I am currently on my Gap Year, living in the UK with my parents. After having spent 3 months waiting for things to die down before setting off to do anything, I am getting extremely restless. I have now heard on the radio today that this Lockdown may not end until the end of March, which to me seems like a lifetime away.

After carefully reading through the guidance and also inspecting some different Travel Insurers, I believe that it is possible to actual travel abroad at the moment, provided I obviously follow guidance, make sure that I only travel to countries that permit entries from the UK, taking the appropriate tests and quarantining upon arrival if need be.

At the moment the government says that essential travel can be defined by the individual, "Only you can make an informed decision based on your own individual circumstances and the risks." I myself would deem either travelling abroad to start a volunteer program, and also potentially taking up a temporary international job. Ideally, I would like to find a volunteer program somewhere abroad (I'm up for any suggestions!) or a job in a Ski Resort (or similar) that would take me up until March.

I also know that working in the EU at the moment is more difficult, due to needing visas.

Does anybody have any suggestions? I have signed up to workaway but am worried that without being able to show proof of having actually booked something I will struggle at border control.

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    1 month ago
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    Anywhere on Earth that isn't the UK is going to require a visa if you plan to work or volunteer. But I have heard that some of the Caribbean nations are allowing tourists in with valid negative COVID-19 tests from certain nations. Not sure if any of them grant work visas for unskilled jobs though. You might look into that.  

  • 2 months ago

    Legally you're not allowed to travel while the UK is in lockdown; so you can't leave the country. 

    There are no 'temporary international jobs' for unqualified UK youth - work visas require high level / highly qualified positions to be filled. As the UK has now left the EU, you can't work anywhere without getting a work visa (even if those countries would let you in; most aren't currently allowing travellers from the UK)

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