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if a client is hopeless with online technology how do you make them pay you if they're from another continent ?

i developed a healthcare app for some man who now is informing me he has no idea how to make the payment and its causing him a lot of bother as he wants to pay me.

i keep telling him politely to use online banking but he says in his 56 years of business hes never exchanged money with anybody electronically which I find very hard to accept or believe.

i lost my cool when i mildly but firmly told him thats the banks job, not his and that at the very least he should go to his bank and sort this out there.

all i got from him was a 'hmm, let me think about it and get back to you'.

its now been 2 frigging weeks and still no pay!

what should I do from here ?

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  • oyubir
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    Hard to tell.

    We miss lot of information.

    Have you already delivered the product? Or, can you, as someone else suggested, disable it (for example if it relies on an important, hard to reverse engineer, back end, whose you haven't given the source code)?

    Is your client really a businessman? (Contrarily to what another person said, I would not call this "the way of businessmen". Businessmen don't do that. Not just because of decency - And they have more of that than people usually think. But because a reputation not to pay contractors is not good for them. Sure, in US, your, yet, current president is known to do so. But not anybody is president or even famous enough so that people are willing to take the risk not being paid because of the plus size of being contractor for a famous client. Plus, even Trump had to pay the price for his behaviour. He is also famously known to have some hard time finding contractors, even lawyers, because of his well documented habit not to pay contractors).

    From which country is he? Even from another continent, western countries have laws mechanism to deal with that.

    What kind of money are we talking about (if it is a few hundred bucks, you can't probably hire a lawyer. But otherwise, there are lawyers in any countries where there is business)?

    There are also debt collections companies everywhere (or even debt buyers in some countries. But that the last resort, since you would loose 90% of your money).

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    2 weeks ago

    he could always send it Western Union.

    honestly, for foreign customers, you should ALWAYS get the money upfront.

    you will need to discuss options for this guy with a lawyer...

  • 3 weeks ago

    A wire transfer from his bank to yours.  Been done since the 1870s.

    Always include payment methods as part of the contract.  

  • 3 weeks ago

    I would have pointed out that 56 years ago we didn't have computers or APPS that did our work for us.  He learned how to use them, so it's important to learn new things when it's part of y our business. The man owes you money, politely ask when you can expect payment.  Point out that most businesses in the last 56 years work on a "Payable on Demand" structure and he should be clear with that, at least.  

    And if he give you that "I need to think on this..." routine again, tell him there is nothing to think on, he owes you money, he needs to pay the bill.  

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  • keerok
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    Western Union. All he has to do is walk into their office, fill up a form, hand over the cash and give your name and address.

  • Craig
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    3 weeks ago

    You should disable your product so he can't deploy it before he pays you.  Once you do that (assuming you haven't foolishly delivered the source code to him) he will suddenly figure out how to send you the money.

    What he's actually doing is having his nephew reverse-engineer your app, so he can sell it to others himself.

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