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How much is a ER visit in Canada? ?

I’m from the US...just applied for some really garbage health insurance and pretty much will go bankrupt if I ever do need to go the ER regardless if I have insurance or not. 

Just curious how much does Canada charge it’s citizens for a ER visit? Or what if you are visiting from the US or any other country and need to go the ER? How much will it cost? 

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    In Canada health insurance is covered through the various provincial and territorial governments which in turn collect money from Canadian Citizens and Residents through taxes, the same as in the US.  Despite one claim here, Canadian tax levels are not significantly higher than people pay in the US and Canadian Health Care costs are significantly lower.  I have an acquaintance in the southern US who found he could fly to Canada, see a doctor, have a prescription filled and fly home and still save money on his prescription.

    In Canada their are no "wrong hospitals" like a friend in the states ended up being brought to.  During a medical emergency they were transported by ambulance to a hospital not on the approved list for their insurance and, as a result, ended up owing close to $30,000 even with insurance, this would not occur in Canada as all hospitals are covered under insurance.  Costs for services in Canada are significantly lower in many cases than in the US which is why even though the costs paid per person in Canada are similar to those paid in the US by the various governments yet a US Citizen or Resident can still be hit with tens of thousand of dollars even if they have insurance.

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    Just curious how much does Canada charge it’s citizens for a ER visit?

    NOTHING as Canadians have already paid for Health insurance by premium or taxes.

    Once discharged you may have bills to pay. For example on going drug supply.

     what if you are visiting from the US or any other country and need to go the ER.

    Then you go to the ER as you NEED TO.  You can expect a bill. Most of it may be covered by your state insurance plan. YOU are responsible for the bill. What you can be reimbursed depends on your insurance plan. One reason you want GET YOU HOME travel insurance. An Air ambulance ride home can easily be $10,000.

    $20,000 for an over the  oceans ride home.

    Canada and no other country provides FREE medical service to the Worlds population.

    My bill for a month in hospital was about $250 for the Ambulance ride in.

    Two Covid tests, ICU for a few days MIR hundreds of blood tests over the month.

    Free laundry as I only had the clothes I was wearing when taken to hospital.

    The taxi ride home was paid by the hospital.

    Follow up drugs covered by my Health plan funded from taxes.

    US can change its rules if they WANT TO. Big business insurance lobbyists like their profits.

    Canadian Hospitals are run as a service to the citizens and not a place to make money off the sick.

    NO PLAN anywhere provides 100% FREE coverage of every possible treatment.

     Pretty much will go bankrupt if I ever do need to go the ER regardless if I have insurance or not. NOT SOMETHING MOST in Canada have a concern with.

    Extended on going care may be a financial concern.

    Far flung isolated villages have access to good care but it does take time to get to a large hospital.

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    Could Canada's plan be better? YES

    Do you have a spare Billion or two to donate?

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    "Just curious how much does Canada charge it’s citizens for a ER visit?"

    I passed out in my backyard, visiting friends found me... 'undianosed high blood pressure without symptom" the doctor called it.  Without symptom, until my body couldn't deal with it anymore that is.

    I was in a coma for a few days, ER a few days, ICU a few more... blood tests, spinal taps, MRI... yadda yadda, doctor worried about heart damage.

    No bill, no charge.

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    Canadians pay tax levels that would make any American gasp in horror, which covers the cost of our ER visits.  Medical costs are almost exactly the same as they are in the US, and they're paid by everyone who pays taxes.

    If a visitor from the US visited a Canadian ER, they'd be billed directly for the visit.  Only residents are covered by provincial health insurance.

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    Canadians and Permanent residents pre-pay through taxes and there are no extra charges. Non Canadians and non residents can expect a bill similar to a US bill. Do you know that the border is closed?

    In response to another comment, people who earn a lot pay a lot of tax. I pay very little as I am retired.

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    Non Canadians who are not residents of Canada are not eligible for "free" medical treatment in Canada. 

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    It's free.

    Well, essentially.  Canadians have "universal" healthcare, which means we are all entitled to healthcare insurance, regardless of any previous medical conditions.  In most places it is free, but, some like Ontario charge and amount depending on your income, but no more than $300 per year (which is about $200-something in US funds).  The costs are paid for in taxes, but Canadians actually spend less on healthcare than Americans do - even with our taxes.

    If we get sick while visiting the USA, the plans will pay up to whatever they would pay at home, and we pay the difference.

    Examples:  my daughter was a 2 month premie, and spend 6 weeks in neo-natal intensive care - all free.

    I had strokes, and then a quadruple heart bypass, and the costs, including the 3000km medevac (and, return), and the 5 1/2 months in hospital were all free.

    EDIT:  Thumbs down for a factually correct answer|?  Odd......

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    It’s free for all Canadian citizens. 

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