What are IT jobs like?

What do you normally do at these jobs? Do you need a college degree to land an entry-level position?

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    2 months ago
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    IT itself is a category of jobs, not a job in itself.  It's like 'healthcare' or 'manufacturing'.  So, there are lots of different types of jobs, different types of companies to work for, etc. 

    But here is something a bit specific for you.  To be really successful in IT, you have to have a mindset of wanting to figure things out for yourself (in addition to or as opposed to someone showing you).  For example, if you buy a new wireless router for your home wifi, do you try to figure it out yourself or do you call someone to come hook it up for you?  It helps to look at technology as toys you get to play with, rather that something complicated that you have to deal with.

    As far as degrees go, there are many companies that will hire someone without a degree.  You have to really be a strong self starter and self taught but I know plenty of people who are successful without a degree.  However, many companies will only hire people with degrees, or will only promote people with degrees.  So if you have the means to get a degree, you'll go further in your career than you would without one.

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    I used to be a network engineer.  What I did, my boss told me to go to an office and solve the problem of their server or internet network.   Then, we try to fix the problems at the client office all day.    Working with their Cisco routers and Web Server.  

    And yes, to work as an Engineer you need a Computer engineering degree, it is a requirement.   Unless you are famous for being a hacker who knows a lot of internet security (I heard some company hired a 17 year old hacker).  

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    One thing I can say is that the IT guys never smile. 

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    Pretty much what Alex said. IT is a very broad field with many different sub-fields. The exact requirements and duties really depend on the specific job and sometimes even the company you work at.

    This is my real world example as an entry-level computer tech: I work as a computer tech for a school district. My job is to provide technical support to the teachers and staff of the school sites that I'm assigned.This includes, but not limited to, Smartboard issues, printing issues, computer/software issues, setting up new computer systems, some user training, and password resets. I also do some work on the servers and network infrastructure of my sites. A college degree is not required for a job like this, but it never hurts to have one.

    A lot of it comes down to what kind of IT job you want to do. If you're interested in programming and software development, you typically need a college degree in something like Computer Science or a closely related field. If you're more interested in the IT side of things like setting up servers, networks, managing domain environments, cloud environments (Azure, AWS, Google Cloud) or hands-on IT work you don't necessarily need a degree. There are professional-level certifications like the A+, Network+,CCNA,MCSA that deal with the various IT sub-fields.

    I agree with Alex's statement about being able to learn on your own. If you ask most IT guys how they got started, I can guarantee you that most will tell you that most had a natural curiosity to wanting to know how things work. You don't absolutely have to have this curiosity, but it will be of great benefit especially if you get placed in an environment that you're not familiar with.

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    Minimum bachelor's degree to ty to land an internship or entry-level position. Call centers might hire someone with only associate's degree, but much call center work is low-pay to begin with & rapidly being replaced by chatbots. Since computer science, computer or software engineering, IT, etc, are very popular majors these days, competition for entry-level positions can be tough. Many are pursuing advanced degrees to specialize & get more experience, expertise in various niches (e.g. networking, cybersecurity, etc.) rather than just the basic IT bachelor's degree.

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    Hi April...so what is 7th grade like?  What do you normally do in 7th grade?  Do you plan to go to college?

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