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Why is so little attention being given to the Billionaire in China who stated a fact against China and now can't be found?

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  • 1 month ago

    Jack Ma has resurfaced, but it is interesting the CNN/MSNBC made not mention of his disappearance. 

    CNN/MSNBC also have not reported The Chinese National Media announcing that now China has more control over US politics and the direction of the Country 

  • 2 months ago

    The global media is mostly leftist so they cover up the CCP's crimes. 

  • Kieth
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    2 months ago

    Not our monkeys , not our circus.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Jack Ma is currently in a lot of hot water so he is basically hiding out somewhere until everything cools down. 

    The current problem with Alibaba is that they have been debt trapping poorer Chinese Workers, stealing money from the CCP funds, and violating anti-monopoly laws. So as an example, a young man wants a car, well Alibaba lends money to the kid, who is then under constant pressure to pay back the debt as the interest slowly gets higher. This causes problems to the point of even suicide from stressed out young people. The CCP is currently looking into it, and is probably going to nationalize Alibaba as well. About time too, since it's such a large monopoly.China is MUCH more strict toward their billionaires than the U.S. is, where in the U.S. they can get away with a lot more.

    Source(s): chinadaily .com .cn/a/202012/15/WS5fd7f4eca31024ad0ba9bc9d.html
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