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What would you do if your children’s school emailed you and said they are staying closed for at least 2 more weeks... then emailed again....?

So if the government announced schools must remain open but then many schools decide to close and your children’s school is one of them and they email you to tell you that that are staying closed for at least 2 more weeks, we are in tier4, the virus is spreading rapidly where I’m from, but then the school email again some hours later and said your child meets the criteria and can attend school.  We did not meet the criteria during the last lockdown, we are not critical care workers which is what the criteria is, so would you send your children to school or keep them home? 


I did contact school, because my child has been diagnosed with autism and has multiple agencies involved he meets the criteria, but I do absolutely not have to take up this place. He’s a very poorly child who has had 5 open heart surgeries in his short 4 years of life. Thankfully last night the government made the call to close all schools until after the February half term. So now we can all stay home where it’s safe for my child. 

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    I would contact the school and ask why my child was now meeting the criteria to attend school. What percentage of the student will be back in school.

    Actually if my children were still school age they would not be in school. They both have asthma so it would be an easy call  for me. Plus I have home schooled them before.  I would probably would have pulled them out of school and done my own home school program. 

    How is it going at home for you and your child?  Can you stay home with them. Is schooling going along ok? 

    I would be too leery of them getting the virus, no matter how low the odds are. 

  • Anonymous
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    If school's closed for at least 2 more weeks then I would drive to the middle of the desert and drop my children off for that 2 weeks.  Maybe longer depending on how long school's closed.

    Source(s): So peaceful and's almost as if they're at school and not bugging me!
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    I would send him. We would love to have our children in school. Many of my friends live in our suburban school districts, and their children have been attending school all fall with no problems. Our children are suffering from being stuck at home in front of their tablets all day. 

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    if you can keep them home, do so.  and if your children are age 10 or over -- keep them home.  While small children rarely have serious problems with CV19, they can unknowningly bring it home from school to you -- and everyone in your household and everyone your household visits.  With this new and more infectious variant, more caution is called for, not less.  -- granddad  [and, for Heaven's sake -- don't visit your parents unless ABSOLUTELY necessary until at least 10 days after everyone in your family has received their second vaccine dose.] 

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  • Tavy
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    2 months ago

    Send them. A Health Person on TV said just now that Kids very seldom get the virus. They need their education and their friends. My Grandsons are going back this week.


  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    I would send them, the criteria may include other things like access to online learning. You would be committing an offence if you refused to send your children to school without good reason.

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