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Checked vs carry?

Someone purchased a ticket for me with a checked bag. I really want to do it as a carry on tho. 

Its with spirit airlines btw...

Can i take my bag and just do it as a carry on or do i must do the checked bag?

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    A carry on bag is charged if you have a full size carry on. The checked bag  fee is separate. You should just go with the checked bag that's already been paid for. Then you can also have a free carry on no larger than 18 x 14 x 8 inches

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    2 months ago

    Spirit charges for carry-on bags, and they mark your boarding pass to indicate that you've paid for one.  So you can't carry it on without that indicator (and they DO check this), and would have to pay the carry-on fee at the counter (which is more expensive than prepaying for the carry-on bag).  If it meets the size requirements for a free personal item, then you can take it on board with you without any problems.

    I would suggest trying to call Spirit customer service to see if they can convert your checked baggage fee to a carry-on fee.  You should note that the carry-on fee is actually MORE than the checked baggage fee on Spirit, so you would likely have to pay the difference to take your carry-on bag.

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    Travelling on a ticket that allows a checked bag doesn't mean you are forced to take a checked bag. It's merely an option. If your bag is the right size for carry-on, you can take it as a carry-on.

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