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What percent of the U.S. population are many-hating feminists?

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    "What percent of the U.S. population are many-hating feminists?"

    Too many women that accept modern feminism as their ideology end up with strange beliefs that foster their hatred of men.  For example, they believe that men are inferior to women and only exist to harass, rape and kill women.  This is complete  bigotry of course.  Never forget that hate groups like the KKK also believe that blacks are inferior and only exist to commit crimes, harass, rape and kill other races of people.

    Overwhelmingly, most men love women and are not interested in harming them in any way.  Feminism denies this and pushes bigotry so that their espoused hatred becomes palatable to the masses.  Much like state propaganda has to turn a foreign leader into a monster before they go out to attack and decimate that country.


  • Foofa
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    2 months ago

    Pretty much all people have a list of things they hate. So I'd guess that 100% of us are "many"-hating. 

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Men hate women because of the things they don’t do for them: clean, have sex, make dinner.

    Women hate men for the things they do do to them: harass, rape, kill  

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