Is it hard when your skin color doesn't match the majority of the people from your racial background?

I am Hispanic and I have fair skin.  No one ever thinks I am Hispanic, not even a darker type white person like an Italian or Greek.  People always mistake me for Irish or Polish.  The majority of Hispanics in the US are in between, ranging from brown to olive complexions.  There are outliers like me of course.

So being a white, and I mean very white, Hispanic you stand out like a sore thumb in the American Latino community.  I hated my skin color for a long time.  I got teased for it at school and even in my family.   People joked that I was adopted and that I didn't look like either of my parents.  I even took a DNA test to see if I was adopted, and both of my parents are my parents.

Sometimes people would look for me at work and come to my office and say "Mr. Gonzalez is not here today?".  And I would tell them, I AM MR. GONZALEZ and I would get really offended.  I was also referred to by a marriage counselor as being part of a interracial marriage when my spouse is clearly Hispanic just like me.

One day, my father told me that the reason that other Latinos made fun of my white skin is that they were jealous.  He said that he would trade his brown complexion for my white skin any day.  Then he told me that the next time someone said I was white, to say "thank you" or something else positive.

It really worked.  People would get upset when I did that and I got the satisfaction of thinking, "that's what you get for being rude or for teasing me".  F U.  


Hi, please ANSWER MY QUESTION.  Don't give me your opinions about which skin color is better, worse, etc.  I wanna know if you don't fit in with your ethnicity appearance wise, how did you cope with it.  

Update 2:

Got a LOT of stupid answers so I had to choose the least stupid one. 

Update 3:

And to the person who said "I think you're just an American" I say THANK YOU.  I AM AN AMERICAN, I Hispanic American.  I have no loyalty to any other flag or country although I do speak Spanish.  Being called an AMERICAN is the biggest compliment there is.

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  • Magui
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    2 months ago
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    Hispanic is not a racial background.

    I'm sure that if you came to Iberian Peninsula (called Hispania by the Romans aka Latins) you wouldn't stand out.

  • 2 months ago

    There’s no such things as race. I think what you mean ethnic background. Well Hispanics vary from regions. Their background depending on the region they come from vary differently from each other. There’s some Hispanics that have German and Italian ancestry. Others have African ancestry but most of them have Spanish and Portuguese  ancestry. It’s where the name Hispania comes from. 

    It could possibly be that your background has no indigenous ancestry and if you do. For some reasons your European genes seem to be more prevalent. 

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    I was born about 100 mi outside of Latina, I have blond hair

    Not sure who told you we're "darker" whites, most of us Europeans actually look about the same.

    As for your question, you clearly don't understand this stuff so I think your just an American

  • 2 months ago

    Hahaha "Jealous"

    No I love light olive skin. I do not like very pale skin

    Olive skin looks healthy, warm, and beautiful

    Edit: I am free to do as I like my love

    Someone told you that "hispanic" people envied pale skin

    And as a latin american I simply told you that you were misinformed

    And, people are very ignorant. For example they think all mexicans look the same or that we all look like George Lopez

    I would not fit their standard of what a mexican looked like and if they were fools it is their problem not mine

    But I do inform people best as I can

    About my country

    Why would I need to "cope" with it? 

    There are worse problems 

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