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Burners on stove don't lay flat.?

Older GE stove in excellent condition. The owner wants to spend $750+ on a new one. The old one has one symptom. The burners don't lay flat any more. Any cause or cure for this vs. new stove? Thanks.


It's not a gas stove.

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    3 months ago
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    You don't give much information, so I'll have to make assumptions.  I assume you're talking about the electric coil burners on an electric stove.  These plug into a receptacle at the burner.  I assume the receptacle is in the correct position, if it is not you can lift the stove cover and correct the alignment of the receptacle.  The burners are replaceable, so you could buy new burner coils.  I assume the stove top itself is not warped.  This means the the frame underneath the electric coils must be unlevel.  You can attempt to straighten the frame, or you can grind on the feet of the frame to correct the level.  Taking a little metal off where the legs are high will bring the burner down.  If the male plug on the burner that plugs into the receptacle is bent, you can take a pair of plyers and straighten it.  If it is a problem with the electric coil, the simplest thing to do is replace the burner coil with a new one.

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    3 months ago

    This is a gas stove, and there are three different size burners on it.

    The two on the left side are the same (medium) size and about 9.000 or 10,000 BTU's each, and the two on the right side are each different size (small & large) and the rear one is about 7,000 & the front about 12,000 BTU's.

    The burner diffusers and caps are mediums on the left, small & large on the right.

    The two burner pans are left & right sensitive, the small holes go toward the rear.

    The burner grates are all the same, and the slight bump-out on the lower edge should face the other burner grate, to 'nest' properly.

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    GE stoves use different coils [burners] and burner pans than other brands.  Trying to use the 'other' pans won't let the burners fit properly.  Both HD and Lowe's sell the correct pans [Walmart does not, last I checked] -- be sure they are marked "for GE stoves" -- there are two pieces per burner.  Same with the actual burners themselves.

    Installing the pans goes like this -- remove old ones.  Reinstall the burners if you had to take them out.  Then install the ring portion only -- with a bit of tilting, it'll go over the already installed burner.  Then the pan simply drops into the ring and you put the burner back into the down position -- it should fit with the 'ears' on the ring and be flat and level.

    -- Grampa  -- I'm using a 1976 GE builtin stove with these burners.  -- cheers

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    The owner wants to spend $750+ on a new one.

    It isn't up to you. Your only legal interest is if they want to charge you for excessive wear on the old one.

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    3 months ago

    If it's an electric stove what has happened is somebody replaced the burner pans with some cheap aftermarket burner pans in the burner pans aren't as deep as the original ones. You can probably solve the problem by getting the proper set of chrome burner pans if the burner pans are deep enough then the burners will lay flat in groove like they're supposed to but if there's a cheap aftermarket burner pans they're shallow and the burners stick up in the air.

    A good set of chrome burner pans won't cost you but about $65 Lowe's and home Depot sell the good burner pans but make sure that you get the good ones that are deep enough so that it will lay flat

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