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What will happen?

I am 17 years old and I have a 5 month old son. I am on probation as well but I get off in about a week. I am always belittled and mistreated by my family and I want to leave. I have a safe place to go but my family says I cant take my son. I have always been an independent person(btw). I am the only person listed on my sons birth certificate. My family is saying I can leave but I cant take my son. What would the cops say? I dont do drugs and I dont drink or party so it's not like I'm unfit. I'm always coherent. I've dealt with CPS my whole life from toddler to now but I'm still not sure what they would say. I don't want to lose my son but I want to make the right choice as to whether I should stay or go for now. There's only so much longer I can tolerate being around them. School is still my top priority next to my kid because I know without an education, I can't support the both of us. Any input is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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    You need to stay and finish high school.  You are correct that without an education, you can't support yourself and your child.  It will be hard enough just being the two of you (I assume the child's father is not in the picture), but it's essential that you have some kind of foundation.  In many states, you would not be allowed to leave your parents' home until you are 18, regardless of whether you have a child or not.  If your parents have guardianship of your child, they are correct that you wouldn't able to take him.  I'm sure they're concerned that if you just left without any means of support and no education, that you and the child will end up in a homeless shelter or worse.  Even if you've been belittled/mistreated, tough it out until you finish school.  Talk with your school counselor if you're attending school, about options for you and your child when you finish.  There are programs that can help you with child care and finances.  You might also look into going to family court and demanding that the child's father pay child support.  If your family won't help you, look up Legal Aid in your area.  They will provide you with an attorney at no charge, who can help you.  Good luck to you!

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    maybe you should talk to a lawyer about it

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    Who has LEGAL CUSTODY of your child? You (in some States, not if you are 17), your parents?  YOU can't legally leave at 17.  That means YOU and the child cannot leave until you are 18 - if anyone cares.

    Here's my issue.  You are an independent 17-year old with a 5-month old son.  You apparently live with your parents.  What is independent about that?

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    Who has legal custody?

    Laws differ state to state, as do the social services in place to help you find your footing, especially if your family has a history with cps and its not a great environment for your baby.

    Google rights for teen parents in the state you reside in and see if that can lead you to where you can get help.  Knowledge is power.

    Not sure why you are on probation but that means you have some sort of case worker or probation officer assigned to you....if they have seen you doing all the right things, maybe they can be a resource.

    Once you are 18, unless the state has deemed you unfit, you should have both physical and legal custody, regardless of what your family wants.  

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