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What's the titel of this book abut the Cathars?

This book is out of print. It's about a man who was sick, taken in by the Vatican, and allowed to stay with Cathars who had been hidden away there. The Cathars never left the premises and no one was allowed to enter. He left after about two weeks. Thanks for your time.  

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    It sounds interesting because it puzzles me.  The Cathars and the Catholics hated each other. The Catholic church wanted the Cathars exterminated. They were not only heretics. They were completely against the Catholic doctrines.  So why were Cathars sheltered within the headquarters of the Catholic Church? Why was an ill Catholic allowed near them by the Vatican?

    I wish I knew the title. Is it a novel? 

    You could try Book Sleuth (url of archives below. Current link at right side of that page)

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    @Marli, Thank you. It was a true story. It's puzzling to me too. Sorry I lost it before I could read it. I found it at a Little Free Library. 

    @amana7726, No, it was a true story. Being hidden in caves makes sense, but living hidden at the Vatican is amazing. 

    Much thanks to both of you for your help. I'll try Book Sleuth. =)

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    Might you mean a book by Kate Mosse? She wrote several novels featuring the Cathars, including "The Winter Ghosts", where a man recovering from influenza ends up in a Cathar community living hidden in caves, where he takes part in their annual feast and meets a fascinating woman named Fabrissa. 

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