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Anonymous asked in Arts & HumanitiesHistory · 3 months ago

Was there no persecution for the allied war crimes, or soviets, like there was for former nazis and Nuremburg trials?

All you hear about is Nazi camps and Jews.

You dont hear anything about bolsheviks, soviets, or even the Brittish and Americans bombing civilian cities.

Nor crimes against POWs or women. 


@Fred, Germans raped no one. That was a lie.

Rissians did.

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  • 3 months ago
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    It's called "Hypocrisy."  To have the U.S.S.R. sit in judgment of anyone, as it did at the Nuremberg Trials, was perhaps history's foremost example of a pot daring to call a kettle black.  As Jesus allegedly was quoted in the Bible: "Let the one of you who is without sin cast the 1st stone." Had that been done, there'd have never been any such (show) trials.  Law is meaningless when it's selective.  "Tina" errs: There are hundreds of examples of crimes by individuals, groups, even whole divisions that were not only never "dealt with", but were praised.  

    With respect to Japan & the U.S.S.R., neither country was a party to the 1929 Geneva Conventions on Treatment of Prisoners of War.  Accordingly, both were hideously cruel to such unfortunate men.  

  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    "even the Brittish and Americans bombing civilian cities"

    No Germans were prosecuted for bombing cities. It was not judged a war crime.

  • Tina
    Lv 7
    3 months ago

    You mean prosecution, not persecution.

    Since all sides bombed civilians - Hitler bombed four non military targets on the first day of his invasion of Poland, and his planes strafed columns of civilian refugees - it is hardly surprising that no one was prosecuted for bombing anything.

    Individual attacks on POWs, firing on shipwrecked enemy troops, and incidents of rape and looting were dealt with by the relevant military authorities.

    Fred - the village you mention was My Lai:

     "Between 347 and 504 unarmed people were killed by U.S. Army soldiers from Company C, 1st Battalion, 20th Infantry Regiment and Company B, 4th Battalion, 3rd Infantry Regiment, 11th Brigade, 23rd (Americal) Infantry Division. Victims included men, women, children, and infants. Some of the women were gang-raped and their bodies mutilated, as were children as young as 12.[1][2] Twenty-six soldiers were charged with criminal offenses, but only Lieutenant William Calley Jr., a platoon leader in C Company, was convicted. Found guilty of killing 22 villagers, he was originally given a life sentence, but served only three-and-a-half years under house arrest."

    KM - I didn't say they were dealt with properly. They were not. See above.

  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    Yes all armies have at least a few soldiers who have committed war crimes, but the Germans and Japanese were so confident of victory they never believed they would ever have to face trials as a member of the losing armies.

      During wars emotions can run high and enemy soldiers who have surrendered get shot out of anger at the death they caused.  American soldiers during the Vietnam war suddenly out of frustrations shot nearly every man woman and child in a Vietnamese village and it was only the intervention of an American helicopter crew who were forced to land and aim their machine guns at the soldiers that saved the last few feeing villagers.  To my knowledge none of the US soldiers was ever charged with a war crime and America seems to try and hide cases like this.  Recently it came to light that a small number of Australian special forces soldiers in Afghanistan had shot innocent people just to prove they were a worthy warrior and these men now face war crime charges.  In the Bosnian war there were quite a lot of war crimes and a couple commanders were sent to trial.

      If you give young men training to kill and guns there will always be a few who will believe they are all powerful and above the law.  In WW2 it appears as so most war crimes committed by the allied soldiers were overlooked and as they say History is written by the winners who decide who the criminals were.  I remember a guy who had been a German soldier during WW2 bragging to us young guys how his group would regularly rape the pretty French girls and had no remorse for his crimes against these women, and said "I wish I was young again and we could do it all again".

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  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

     British and Americans bombing civilian cities? What planet are you on? All cities are civilian and cities always get bombed in wars. The Nazis  committed genocide so many leaders were hanged. Milosovic and  Karadžić

    were tried and convicted of similar crimes. I doubt the Soviets, British or Americans could be accused in the same way. That's just the way it is.

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