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My friend has gotten covid from her parents now she's sick at home with no medicine. ?

Shes been sick for 2 days, and she called me crying saying she's been puking and her throat hurts so badly, she can't eat, shes only been sleeping since then. I don't know what to do, her parents has been sick for weeks so they've been at home for a while now, she got nothing at home to relieve the pain and I've been contemplating whether to leave something at her door, with her some painkillers, fruits, tea (turmeric, moringa..) the hospital isn't ready to take her cause she's only 17 and young, unless she can't breathe. They didn't leave her any medicine either. The q Is it safe enough for me to go to her door and leave some goods? Should I take the risk? (Sorry for my English) 

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    99.7% recover rate. Your friend should be fine in a while. I do not know how long, but she should be ok. If you want to help her, you can take soups to her house and leave them outside her front door. Call her from your car and make sure she gets them before you leave, or someone else may come by and take them.

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    You are safe taking things to her door. Tell her you are coming, phone when you get there, tell her you are dropping things off and for her to open the door but wait ten seconds after you knock for you to move back. Then leave supplies, knock, and step back. Wear your mask anyway in case she opens the door too early. 

    See if she has vitamins D and C. If not, get her some. Those will help her. 

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    Leave a bag of groceries on the porch.

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    No meds will cure it but painkillers will help her throat.

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    There's no medicine that will cure COVID, so nothing the hospital could have given her.

    You're fine to drop stuff off at her door. 

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