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Traditional vs year-round school: which is better?

Traditional has 10 weeks of summer. Year-round is only 7 weeks. I attend school for 9 weeks, get a 2-week break, then repeat four times. School is the same amount though -- 36 weeks in total.

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    Which is better depends a lot on the student and the family. Research shows that students from poorer homes (which means that the parents are probably less educated) get less stimulation and fewer educational experiences at home. When they are away from school for 10 weeks, they "lose ground"- they forget information and lose skills they had developed. Middle class kids, on the other hand, especially children of education parents, tend to be provided with educational experiences on vacation, and to be doing more stimulating things at home (reading, playing games that develop logic, going to camps, etc.) Summers have traditionally been a better time for families to take vacations to other places, since the weather is generally good. It's certainly possible for families to do things during 2 week breaks like yours, but may be more difficult with snowy roads, or weather not conducive to things like visiting cultural sights. 

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    were i still of school age, think i'd prefer year-round.  those 2 week breaks are ideal for family activities while there are fewer other families trying to do the same thing at same time

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