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How can I get online therapy for scrupulosity and are there any medications that can help me? It’s really getting bad.?

I pray a lot throughout the day and try to whisper them or say them out loud so that my prayers won’t be ruined by bad thoughts, but sometimes thoughts I don’t want still pop into my head and I feel I need to go somewhere away from people and continue to pray out loud until I feel I did it right. It’s been a problem for a long time, but how can I get help? If not online, at least in the Charlotte area nc.

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    "bad thoughts". . .sounds like something called obsessive/compulsive disorder. It's driven by anxiety. There are medications to treat it. SSRIs can help. 

    Some symptoms of it are:

    "-Aggressive or horrific thoughts about losing control and harming yourself or others.

    -Unwanted thoughts, including aggression, or sexual or religious subjects.

    -Doubting and having difficulty tolerating uncertainty.

    -Needing things orderly and symmetrical."

    Types of OCD


    Contamination / Mental Contamination.

    Symmetry and ordering.

    Ruminations / Intrusive Thoughts.


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