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Can't stand what my brother & sister-in-law (mainly) are doing. Advice on talking to her or just letting it be?

I've been wanting to rant/ask advice on this for a while.  My SIL and brother have 4 kids under 10 and started doing this "family vlogging" on YouTube 2-3 yrs ago.  Their channel started off as a way to document kids' sporting events and music recitals but that quickly turned into almost daily "vlogging" of their lives.  My SIL claims she got inspired and wanted to document the "memories."  This is fine and all, their lives, not mine.  My brother is indifferent about it, tries to stay out of the vlogs.  

No, they are not extremely popular, far from it actually, but have accumulated a decent following.  A big enough following that I'm starting to feel badly for the kids.  Every time I try to bring it up with my brother, he says it's fine and that they'll stop once the kids ask them to.  However, I'm convinced that if they ever gain a big following, my brother will quit his job and just rely on YouTube income, which I have strong feelings against. 

My nieces and nephews are such good kids, even in the videos that I occasionally watch.  My SIL on the other hand is getting carried away.  She's always gotten on my nerves...  

Is there any way I can tell her that I don't think she should be filming her kids (for so many reasons).  Or is it not my place?  I have my own kids, and I make sure they are not in the videos.  My brother won't hear it from me. 

I don't even understand how family vlogging is legal.  I'm so done.  It's family friendly content, but what is the point? 


If you aren't familiar with family blogging, just google it.  I'm shocked these popular channels (not my SIL's) have so many followers.  I'm really tempted to give my two cents, but I'm not sure if it's my place.  Just looking for advice.

Update 2:

Thank you.  I think I'll try to talk with him again and be honest about why I'm concerned with the blogging (creepy ppl watching, what happens when applying to college, etc).  Didn't want to be too harsh, but quite frankly, my SIL and I are quite opposites.  Don't get along. As to why I'm so afraid to tell her how I feel, idk... But this 'putting everything on the Internet' crap is so ridiculously stupid. 

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    If this were MY BROTHER AND SISTER IN LAW, I would have to directly ask them why they are so attention-seeking and narcissistic?

    And I, personally, need privacy in my own life.  You don't know who is watching these home-made videos posted online and it's only a matter of time until someone is able to learn where you live and who you are.  Then, you and your kids could be their victims.

    Yes, there are plenty of dangerous people out there who work really hard at this.  We all know this and so does your brother.  But he chooses not to control his wife and protect his own children....until something really serious happens.

    And if he were my brother, I would explain this to him ONCE and then drop the subject.  His wife is a sick individual who is constantly attention-seeking and using her own kids to do it.  It's an illness.

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    not much you can do about it

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    Stay out of it, it will just create problems for you with the two fools. Just stay far away from them. Never let your kid near them at all. No more attending parties or any other occasion they will be at. If you see them with a cam, tell them they do not have your permission to film you or your family. Or you will sue them, and do it. If you can record telling them that, it will be a bonus in court.   Just be very clear, they are not to film you or your family, maybe even a letter from your lawyer will make them understand.

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    How about mind your own business? I mean, you don't have to watch the vlog. 

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    not much you can do about it

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