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Can someone from Ireland have the surname McDonald even if mostly Scottish  some in Ireland with that surname is a common Irish surname?  ?


I met a few attractive women with a name related Scottish McDonald clan or Irish McDonald clan

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    Yes, it's both Irish and Scottish.

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    Yes, that is possible because the Irish and Scottish are Celts and have similar ancestral languages and cultures.  However, people have been moving around the world for thousands of years.  You cannot assume someone from Ireland is 100% Irish because they are from Ireland.  Most people arent't.

    For example, the average person from Spain is only 55% Spanish.  In Ireland, people have Spanish, Welsh, French, Portuguese, English and other ancestries dating back hundreds of years. On the census I put my ethnicity as "American" but I am only 15% Native American, so ethnicity for the most part is chosen and made up.

    Also remember, people have been cheating on each other probably since humans first appeared on the Earth.  That means that you have no guarantee that the last name you received from your father is the actual last name that was passed down from each of your male ancestors for many generations.

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    No.  That name is a registered trademark of the McDonald's Corporation.

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    Mc/MacDonald is a surname anglicised from the Scottish Gaelic and Irish Gaelic MacDhòmhnaill or Dòmhnallach...meaning 'son of Donald'.... it is a patronym name from both Scotland and Ireland when surnames were taken the surname was given/taken based on the fathers given has nothing to do with anicent 'clans'

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    anything is possible

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