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Abiti 10 times?

About 10 times I cooked the burgers with cling film in the oven at 180 degrees. The film has not melted, it has stuck to the top of the burger a bit (no underneath because I put parchment paper) but I prefer not to cook the burgers with the film anymore. What should i do with the oven? should i throw it away? I fear any vapors, gases, particles or other, I don't know, released by these films. Thanks for your suggestions.


I add that the plastic has not melted, but as I said before it has stuck to the upper part of the humberger as well as having shrunk and shriveled ... can I continue to use the oven? the burgers were cooked in an ovenproof dish, not on the baking sheet or oven rack. I fear toxic substances. thanks

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    you are correct not to use plastics in the oven, specially in a microwave oven.

    Any chemicals released by the plastic won't linger in the oven, no reason to throw it away... my opinion.

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    Another lame post by the same stupid troll. 

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