I'm missing bookbag??

Please no negative. I was packing up last month on November. I pull out bookbag under my dresser. I never went out my room anywhere with bookbag. When I saw it I thought I packed it up. Then for while after we finished packing moving boxes and etc I started unpacking my boxes at my new house I moved in. I didn't pay any mind to it just thought I had everything. I was looking for it for whole week straight and next thing you know my bookbag is gone. Its weird because I never went anywhere with bookbag. No one went in my room took anything out there at my old house. I'm always secure and safe with my stuff. Whenever I get ready to leave I always check if I drop anything around my car and inside house and I never see anything missing. But out all the stuff I have why that bookbag missing?? I have ask family and they said they never threw bag away at the other house. I just don't understand it makes me upset because I had important documents in there 

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  • drip
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    2 months ago
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    It got thrown out without being noticed. 

    It didn’t get packed no matter how certain you are it did.

    It got lost in the move.

    It is there and you haven’t found it as yet.

    My friend  just moved and lost her brand new iPad. Looked everywhere for it. Both her and her husband searched the car.   Opened all boxes. Three months later they did find it in the car. 

    If your family still live in the old house, chances are it could still be there.

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    2 months ago

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    2 months ago

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  • 2 months ago

    Literally no-one here can help you.

    Either you packed it, in which case it's in a box somewhere; you didn't pack it, in which case it may have been left behind and thrown out; or it's been lost somewhere en route.

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