Bored ASF. Please help.?

So what would u do as a 17 yo stuck in her room all day with no phone or TV, just a computer. I'm kinda tired of just staring at my screen. I have no books and I've drawn so much my fingers hurt. Any ideas? 

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  • Pyrus
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    4 weeks ago
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    Why not learn something new? You can download a lot of books for free if you want, and read those. Print them out and start reading. You can also play games on your computer if you want, but you did say that you are tired of just staring at your screen. You can also find Sudoku puzzles and print those out and start solving. Great for the mind, as it enhances logic and reasoning. You can also start learning chess if you don't know that, or play online or even offline (with a real chess set). You can also learn a new language if you want.

    Ask yourself what you enjoy learning, and print out publication papers on them. Researchgate has loads of them, and many of these publications are free to read. 

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