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Snowfall in Seattle?

Does it snow yearly around Seattle/Olympia Washington area?

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    2 months ago

    Couple years back we got two feet of snow.   But you could go for 2-3 years without having any accumulation at all.    Especially on the hills it's not uncommon to see rain/snow mix or wet snowflakes, but it rarely sticks.   But when it does, the city basically shuts down as it's a huge mess.   It's often above freezing during the day and below freezing at night which means ice on the roads.   And Seattle is a city of hills.   And we don't have a fleet of snowplows because it just doesn't happen often enough to warrant it.

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    It's rare to get snow in the metro Seattle area, but it happens.  Seattle is at sea level. Yet, about 40 miles to the east on Snohomish Pass the elevation is in excess of 4000 feet and they get lots of snow there.  Mount Rainer, at 14,400 feet elevation is snow capped year round and is roughly 60 miles to the SE of Seattle.

    You can be boating in Seattle in the morning and skiing on Snohomish Pass in the afternoon, that's how close they are to each other.

  • it does every once in a while

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