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If your Kurdish friend tells you that he doesn't understand why white people sympathize with Arabs, who committed genocide, what do you say?

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    The Kurdish friend is likely unfamiliar with what a lot of people know or perceive in the West, which is why he or she doesn't understand. To them, their reality is that Arabs (or at least certain Arab-majority nations) can be oppressive and cruel; however, the world's viewpoint isn't limited to Arab-Kurdish relations.

    The perception most white people receive is informed more about how Arabs are treated here in the West, rather than on-ground realities in the Middle East. In the West, Arabs are a minority and can be discriminated against, so sympathies are given rather than scorn. Many people, including many whites, have a perception that Arabs are often discriminated against due to their ethnic or national origin, skin tone, and/or religion (a lot not realizing that some of these things may be shared by them too, as Arabs don't come in one uniform way). When they think Arabs, they're more likely to rely more on what they see at home rather than what happens abroad.

    And... that kind of viewpoint can paint how they see all Arabs, both those close to them and far away. Many displace their feelings of Arabs they see discriminated against at home onto Arabs who aren't discriminated against elsewhere. Despite being the majority of people in the Middle East, some people still talk about them as if they're minorities everywhere. I've at least seen it in regards to the Arab-Israeli conflict, where certain things said by armchair pundits only make sense if they think the situation is involving Arabs that live in the States.

    And it doesn't help that most white people are wholly ignorant of Middle Eastern demographics. As I've hinted up two paragraphs ago, most don't realize many Arabs pass as white (or are white, depending on who you ask) and are Christian. However, it's more than that: There is no knowledge of non-Arab minorities in the Middle East. Many don't know of ancient Jewish populations, or of the Assyrians, Copts, the Druze... and, of course, of the Kurds. It's hard to condemn Arabs when you simply don't know what Arab forces have done to a people you're unaware exists!

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    You can also ask :

    If your Palestinian friend tells you that he doesn't understand why white people sympathize with Israelis, who committed genocide, what do you say?

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    I would say that my "friend" was not Kurdish because he is racist and because he doesn't know that Kurds and Arabs are both White.

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    I've never met a dumb anti-semi in my whole life.

    On the other hand I've never met no kurdishian sympathizers tbh.

    Here's a nice female   j e w   photo.

    (or is it male?)

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    The Fanatic part of Arab Muslims  and Zionists are a cancer to humanity 

    Source(s): Greek orthodox christian
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    My Kurdish friend is much too kurdious to say anything like that.

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    Oh, please, as if the Kurds are popular in the Middle East, even the Jews give them only feeble lip support as empty gestures

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    I don't sympathize with either they both committed genocide. 

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