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So when do we REALLY get back to FULL normal (meaning identical to pre-covid)?

I know vaccines, most need to get them, ex.

What I mean, I already am hearing of a way to check if you actually got one on not before going to a concert, entering some countries, ex. - BUT that was NEVER done with ANYTHING before - so it is NOT normal until THAT is NOT happening either!

ALL medical info (including vaccinations) SHOULD stay between that person and TREATING medical professionals ONLY - NO EXCEPTIONS, NO EXCUSES!

You may now mention school - well, then it was NOT my choice to tell then anything, and before I graduated, more were needed - and over 18 by that point - and made it a point they did not know about squat! (don't recall how I pulled it off, but they knew NOTHING).

AND will NOT be satisfied until even THAT is, as it was pre-covid!

(And there is already a LOT I avoid it preserve all kinds of privacy; refuse to carry a cell phone, will not go through a metal detector, will not take a drug test except for treating medical professionals, avoided a test for covid when symptoms where there - because of wishing to make sure no tracer, or any non-treating person knew even if it was positive, ex.)


@Annon - I had heard of that for some, no where I wanted to go, never looked deep, but if it came up, THAT would be yet another thing to avoid - you surely did not need to prove any to go to a local concert, exc. as they are talking about!

Update 2:

I don't care about masks, ex. I care about privacy!

Update 3:

@Eugene D - I HOPE you are right, HOWEVER, it is NOT Biden's fault if not enough take the vaccine, try to make it mandatory, and I AM against him!  BUT that does NOT fix keeping it totally private IF you got the vaccine or not, not is the MAIN issue - forget going to other countries - when I am hearing of places like concerts, sports events, ex. being able to tell if YOU got one or not, NO I WILL NOT go for that - and WILL avoid them to keep the privacy!

Update 4:

Privately, is THE most important thing to me - already close to a hermit to keep it, ANY more invasion of it, and I swear I will NEVER leave me house! - To me THAT is better than losing ANY of it!

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    Probably not till 2022 at the latest.  And if we don't, I'll blame Biden.

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    Lol. Never. There will never be a "back to normal" "pre-covid". Covid will always exist. Colds and flus will always exist so we will continue to wear masks and distance. The pre-covid days will become a distant memory, much like the plague, and they will be forgotten remnants of a primitive past. Mask wearing will become normalized and society will benefit for the greater good. No more grandmas will be suffering as they once were. 

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    Vaccines have been required to travel to some foreign countries for over 100 years

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