Should I reach back out after being ghosted? ?

Was ghosted by someone I’ve known since childhood, the situation was emotionally difficult for me for a long time, and led me to finally reveal my sexuality as gay. He added me back on fb. (This isn’t the first time) and the lines of communication are I guess open. I can see when he’s online. So should I make an attempt to reach out, or stay silent, and wait on him? We haven’t communicated with each other in a year. 

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

     If he has not made any attempt to call you in a year, that should tell you something. He may be ignoring you for a reason. He may have someone new  in his life. You have to accept the fact that he does not have any interest in reaching you, if he did, you guys would have communicated earlier than a full year.

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