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On the Canadian side of Niagara Falls is there a huge speaker?

It's on top of the old castle-like structure in front of the Fallsview Resort on the Niagara Parkway to the left of Tim Horton's. There are big black rectangle things up there. Is that something for people all over Niagara to listen to while visiting the awesome place? I think I described it as clearly as I could.

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    Your directions are kind of garbled, bud.   The castle-like structure near Tim's isn't on the Niagara Parkway, it's on the Clifton Hill strip near the sky wheel.  Niagara Parkway runs along the river, and has very few businesses on it.

    The castle is Wizard's Golf, and it does have speakers.  They don't blast tunes, they blast sound effects for the mini-golf course and ads for the local businesses.  I guess it's awesome enough for a first time visitor, but I find that stretch kind of overpriced and over-touristy.  There are lots of other places that blast music, though.  Whatever makes your cork pop, I guess.

    Next time you visit the town, be sure to hit up Victoria Street, which runs across the top of the Clifton Hill zone.  That's where you'll find the good places to have fun and the decent hotels.  It's walking distance from the falls, but not packed with screaming kids and their shouting parents.  But don't wander too far away from the tourist areas, because the rest of that town is a dump.  It's not as ugly as Buffalo or Brantford, but still pretty bad.

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    Sorry, I'm on the US side. Can't help you.

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