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If one violates their probation by testing positive for illicit drugs or non-prescribed drugs?

can the violation be dropped/excused so they stay out of jail or prison if they tell their probation officer first thing after being informed they failed it, and then the lawyers as well that they suffer from indescribable pain all over their body and that every inch of their body hurts like hell - and tell them their heart hurts all the time, their head hurts, their back, legs and all their organs hurt, they can't walk by themselves  and they're so sick they can't keep anything down and they throw up everything they eat and they're turning pale, grey and jaundice and dying and weed and/or opiates are the only medications that help their symptoms at all, and that they're acutely suicidal without it (and for better measures, truly attempting the suicide but failing, and showing up for the probation hearing covered in blood, bruises and deep gashes everywhere all over the head from the injuries resulting from all the "attempts"? ) or maybe wearing a type of makeup that makes them look severely injured and very sick. Can you make your probation officer feel so bad for you that they forgive the violation/dirty drug test and DON'T get you arrested or forced to go to rehab or drug counselling even with a failed/positive drug test?


I bet I will be treated like a god in jail if I go back because the system is stupid enough to arrest someone for such a petty thing - I might just pull out a pocket knife and start stabbing the cop who tries to arrest me repeatedly till he bleeds out.

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    Unless you try to murder somebody, they will let you out because they are Democrats and there is a pandemic on.

    BTW Everybody knows about withdrawal symptoms, that's why if you have an addiction you have to get treatment.

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    No, not in my State.  SOME of this depends on the Probation Officer.  SOME of it depends on the Judge.  In MY State if you violate, you violate.  It's that simple.  Good luck with the makeup idea.  If you say you are suicidal you can and will be placed in a facility.  My story.  My father was killed by a drunk driver who had violated three times.  He probably also drank because he suffered from "indescribable pain."  I neither know or care.  I only know he killed my father.


    I say if the only way you can stay clean is to be behind bars, then put you behind bars.

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    Report it before they find out, they will not accept you excuses because you took the drugs voluntarily. They will find out wither way, so report quickly. 

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    The key word is "non-prescribed drugs".

    If everything you said is true (needing medications for real pain) then a doctor would prescribe medications for you and in some states a medicinal Mary Jane card.

    Self medication is part of the problem, if not all of the problem.

    So no they will not let you off, it is only proof that you do belong in rehab and or prison.

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    "One" should have been referred to a detox program before being turned loose on probation. Of course when someone is physically addicted they often can't just stop cold turkey. What you're feeling is called withdrawal and in some cases it can be fatal without medical intervention. 

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    The PO has SOME discretion in 'violating' the offender. Unless the offender confesses BEFORE being tested, and has an otherwise pristine record while on probation, don't count on leniency.

    Note: The PO will know you failed before YOU are informed of the test results. Of course, you SHOULD know you failed before you are even tested.

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    No.  If you told them that, they would know you were lying and you would not get away with it.

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    I will answer this question for you directly out of experience a friend of mine went to his parole officer on the day of his polygraph test. He told them that he had smoked marijuana. They gave him a drug test and confirmed his statement by polygraph test.

    They then arrested him for violation of parole he's now sitting in the jailhouse with them trying to revoke his parole and send him back to prison for 10 years.

    If you know that you are going to test dirty at your test.

    tell your probation officer or your parole officer that you think that you have covid-19. And you're going immediately to the doctor. Ask them to reschedule then go to a doctor and tell the doctor I think I've been exposed to covid and I think I'm getting sick.

    The doctor will do a test and quarantine you in your house for 10 days.  

    You can then call your parole officer or your probation officer on the phone and tell them my doctor has quarantined me for 10 days pending the result of my covid-19 test.

    Ask them if they want you to report to the parole or probation office.

    They will tell you no the chances are that they will visit you or slim to none this will give you 10 days to get ready for a clean polygraph and drug test.

    You will get a clean drug test after 10 days stick to your guns I'm clean ain't use no drugs no matter what the polygraph officer says if you have to take a polygraph nope I don't use drugs no matter what they say I don't use drugs the drug test beats the polygraph each and every time.  

    It is perfectly legal in this day and age to tell your parole officer or your probation officer that you're heading for the doctor because you think that you've been exposed to covid.

    Don't you dare lie to them if you tell them this make sure you immediately show up at a doctor so that you have documentation otherwise you get arrested

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