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Are people aware that there are many payment apps out there?

I hear people say things like "Just pay me with Venmo" or send me a "Paypal" or "Zelle" payment.  And I think why are they assume I have Zelle, Venmo, etc?

There's a lot of payment apps....VenmoPaypalZellePopmoneyGoogle PayApple PayCash AppI personally prefer Apple Pay because you can send the payment right in the message, but I don't expect everyone to have Apple Pay.  In most cases I just ask the person for their routing number and account number and add them to my bill pay so they get an ACH payment the next day.If they don't want me to see their account number, I let them type it into my phone directly onto my bank's bill pay because all I see is XXXX.Or if they are not comfortable with that and they don't use the App that I use, then I just tell them to give me cash.But I wonder if just because someone uses Venmo for example, do they assume everyone else has Venmo?

And how would most people react if you try to pay them from an App they don't have?

If you add them will they sign up for it?

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    I am not wild about signing up for multiple payment apps because they all have access to the money in my bank account. Most banks provide digital access to their customer's accounts and include an on-line bill pay function. I trust my bank and they already have access to my account. Adding a list of other companies also having access to my bank account seems to me to be unnecessary and weakens my control of preventing unauthorized draws on my account. But that's just me being an old skeptical guy.

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    I work with computers and nothing would get me to install a 'payment app' on a cellphone.  Have you any idea easy it is to get into a locked cellphone?  There are buffer overflow vulnerabilities that can give you access the moment you use a public network.

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    I don't have all these apps. If I wanted to give the person money then I guess I'd have to get one. I'm pretty sure Venmo is pretty popular, and paypal used to be. If you want to give the people money then you'll find a way to get it to them. I just don't want to give people money so I don't have to sign up for all this crap. 

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    Venmo is pretty ubiquitous.  

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