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I have be on klonopin for over 10 years. It has never effected my performance as a paramedic. Is it discrimination for a job not to hire me?


I didn’t know there were so many google doctors here. There are many people who have been on this medication for years. I have never had any side effects such as seizures or lack of focus. I have been to the same Dr. for 10 years so **** off badge. For the people who are not judge mental assholes thank you for answering. 


Update 2:

There are many people on a fire/police department taking medications. That can cause side effects. To the people who judge. You’re part of the problem why more first responders do not come forward when they need help. I still work as a Paramedic and I accept what ever the policies are with this dept. Thank you for the people who were not assholes answering my question. Rant over 

Update 3:

Thank you, I appreciate the advice and I take the medication as needed. For the people who are criticizing, you do not know me and take a look in the mirror. You apparently, aren’t happy with your self so you need to attack me. I will be taking the physical agility soon. Thank you for the advice🙏

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    Potentially yes, but far from black and white.  There are all sorts of underlying issues including but not limited to the dosage, the underlying condition why the medication is being prescribed, how it may or may not effect your state licensure as an EMT and valid drivers licensure and the ability of the company to insure you.  Then there is the difficult of proving the entity hiring you declined to do so solely based upon a drug prescribed to you.  They tend to not divulge such information to limit their liability.

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    I know people who have been fvcked up on Klonopin. 10 years is a long time. It's pretty disturbing to hear that a lot of police and firefighters are taking these meds but it's understandable due to the traumatic nature of your job and I once talked to a paramedic who told me how much turnover there is and how traumatizing the stuff she saw was in her profession. Personally, I could never do it. Ever. 

    So in that respect it wouldn't be good to be for people in your traumatizing professions to be so PTSDed out that you couldn't function on that kind of job. And I've personally encountered cops, and probably many of us have, who were so PTSDed but still going to work every day that they were no longer able to do their jobs without really damaging other people's lives. I know I've been pretty damaged by some of these cops. And then there were other cops who were pretty decent.

     It's just that these psych drugs can cause more problems than they cure and i'm living proof of that. I've taken a sh itload of them unfortunately over the years, Big Pharma has a strangle hold on the mental health industry in this country and there are other safer alternatives to these drugs, but a lot of insurances won't pay for them and a lot of shrinks don't give a sh it to research them. They're too busy getting wined and dined for free at weekend country club seminars sponsored by Big Pharma companies who are promoting their latest lobotomy pills. You also see these Pig Pharma company sales reps constantly in shrinks' offices dropping off the latest samples and the free coffee mugs, prescription pads, pens, computer mouse pads and all the other bribes they give to these shrinks to push their drugs, all emblazoned with the brand name of their latest and most dangerous lobotomy pill de jour.,, optimal living are some websites that discuss alternatives. I don't deal with psych drugs anymore because they fvcked up my life. Would rather take ashwagandha, St. John's Wort, 5-HTP, or almost anything else. But the shrinks don't want the public to know that "Pig" Pharma is NOT the only game in town. They never will tell you that. They will also rarely if EVER tell you just how dangerous these Pig Pharma lobotomy pills are until the damage has already been done, and then they will say it was just part of you "mental illness' or maybe in the case of you guys, they will not insult you by characterizing you as "mentally ill" because you are in these heroic professions. But the damage will be the same, regardless. 

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    "Nisumin" – That Clonazepam is illegally abused is irrelevant to its legitimacy as a prescription drug. 

    If your doctor has certified that your condition is under control, it should not affect your employment or driver license.

    If your potential employer is a government agency it is under strict controls as to the bases of hiring decisions. If the fact that you are under the treatment of a licensed physician was stated as the reason for rejection, and your condition is not recognized as a disqualifier for employment, you may have a strong case. If the reason given was "not a good fit" or other vague reason, you may have a case. Consult competent advice, such as from an union, an organization specializing in employment discrimination, a lawyer.

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    Let's just say I have trouble believing all of what you're saying simply because Klonopin is a street drug.

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    you really should not of asked many of the people on here about this, but speak to your doctor, and honestly I do not know why you are taking it, but as long as you are under the direction of a licensed physician, it should not be their concern. so go find someplace else to work and if you are really bothered about it speak to somebody in higher authority and file a complaint if the person was unprofessional. 

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    1. If you have been on ANYTHING for 10 years, you have NO CLUE if it is effecting your performance.

    2. Strictly speaking acknowledging not everything/everyone is interchangeable is discrimination, and MOST discrimination is not only legal, but NECESSARY.

    3. It is 100% legal, and in some cases legally required, to discriminate on the basis of POSSIBLE side effect of medication.

    4. The ATTITUDE you insist on projecting in your question and updates is more than enough reason not to hire you.

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    Discrimination,  probably

    Illegal discrimination, no

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    A job can tell you you cant drink caffeine if they want. Usually doesn't happen unless you're on their medical plan almost having a heart attack at work. Work is more a privilege not a right. 

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    If you have been on Klonopin  for 10 years you are doctor shopping, no doctor would keep you on that drug for 10 years

    And if you have been on that drug for 10 years you are addicted to it and any future employer would consider that

    And, by your question you are no longer employed as a paramedic? They have a right to ask you why?

    And there is no discrimination as to hiring or not hiring because of medication usage, that is not covered in that act.

    Also, you have to undergo a medical health check which you have to list all medications. They cannot have an addict having access to drugs that the ambulane or ER would have available

    However, an employer can refuse to hire a person if they are addicted to a drug that they have been on 10 years and why you are no longer working (why you left your previous job)

    TRUTH HURTS HUH? You wold not be here asking about a new employer would you

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    Is it discrimination? Yes. But it is not illegal discrimination. Discrimination simply means making a choice. Only discrimination of certain defined groups is illegal. And a note from your doctor will do no good. The Fire Departments insurance most likely would not cover you if you had a  seizure, or panic attack while on the job or liability if you have one of the side effects of the drug.

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